Family First Aid Kit

What's in your Family First Aid Kit? Do you even have one? Most of us probably have a box in a cupboard somewhere with some out of date band-aids (surprisingly Yes, band-aids do have an expiry date!) and some antiseptic wash.  Well there are some amazing natural medicines on the market that are super convenient to have on hand when it comes to family first aid:

The Weleda Burns & Bites Cooling Gel eases the irritation and discomfort of bites and minor burns (including sunburn and scalds). A must for your home first aid kit, the gel is made with natural herbal ingredients, including Aloe Vera, Echinacea, Nettle and Arnica. This powerful combination helps to soothe pain, heal wounds and ease inflammation.



The Weleda Rash Relief Cream effectively treats skin rashes (including nappy rash). Soothes, protects and helps heal delicate skin.  The formulation contains 32 active ingredients, such as Aloe, Calendula and Hypericum, which assist with the healing of fungal and bacterial skin conditions like athlete’s foot.  Highly recommended for “wet” eczema conditions and for young children.


The Weleda Hypercal Healing Cream soothes and heals painful cuts, abrasions and wounds. With Hypericum and calendula, this soothing cream is a natural anti-inflammatory and antiseptic, providing natural pain relief whilst supporting wound healing, the formation of healthy skin tissue and promoting skin repair.  


The Weleda Arnica Cream is the strongest registered Arnica Cream on the New Zealand market and is made from natural and organic ingredients. Provides fast effective relief for bruises, sprains, backache, muscle aches and pain. Contains the pure essential oils of silver fir, lemon, orange, rosemary and sage which assist with arnica’s anti-inflammatory action that reduces pain and inflammation from injuries and over-exertion.

Using these functional products will give you peace of mind that you are caring for your family without the use of harsh chemicals.


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