It's never too late to look after your skin + natural remedies for a clear complexion

Your skin, a unique and complex organ that protects your body from a myriad of contaminants bombarding it on a daily basis.  Made up of 3 layers - the outer layer of flattened dead skin cells that you can see (epidermis), a layer of connective collagen fibres and a very fine layer that constantly produces new cells (dermis).  

The outer layer is gradually shed through washing, body brushing etc and is replaced by shiny new cells. This process is continual, in fact...  

Your skin is COMPLETELY RENEWED over a period of 7 years!

This is great news for those with problem skin as it means that no matter what it's never too late to start looking after skin and eventually reap the rewards!  Also no skin is too old for support and improvement.

Within the connective tissue layer are the sebaceous glands which produce sebum to naturally lubricate your skin.  Sebaceous glands are influenced by hormones and sebum is first produced during puberty, which is why so many teenagers suffer from pimples and acne.  Two functional products to use during this time are the Weleda Aknedoron Cleansing Lotion and Aknedoron Purifying Lotion.  

With natural ingredients including Chamomile and Calendula to soothe, Lavender and Rosemary for their anti-microbial properties and Olive and Sunflower Oils for their cleansing abilities, the Aknedoron range gently and deeply cleanses problem skin without stripping the skin of it's natural oily protective layer. The skin is left feeling clear and fresh!

If your not a teenager and you're getting blemishes, another cause can be constipation.  We've all been there but now that you're aware of it, take note of your skin if you become constipated.  The following are some natural remedies to help you in this department:

  • Drink 2L of fresh, filtered water daily - doing so not only helps keep constipation at bay but encourages clear skin, shiny eyes and fresh breath = WINNING!
  • A morning mug of hot water with 1 tablespoon of organic apple cider vinegar & sweetened with raw honey or black strap molasses 
  • Whole fruit - strawberries and apples especially
  • A double-strength decoction of dandelion tea - a glassful to be taken before meals
  • A daily dose of Weleda Organic Birch Juice 

These remedies will help to flush out the toxins, that if left would stagnate and lead to dark circles under the eyes, pasty skin colour and blemishes - yuck!

Our skin not only pushes out toxins but also absorbs EVERYTHING put on it.  It is important then to only put substances on your skin that you would eat or drink. Ingredients such as dyes, sulphides, alcohol and preservatives have been shown to cause allergic reactions, photosensitivity and cracked skin.  Governing bodies such as the FDA are strict about companies declaring what ingredients they are using in their cosmetics but it is up to you to check the ingredients before buying the product.

As you get older, your sebaceous glands settle down which is why we generally get drier skin. Weleda have an amazing skin care range for each age group so that your skin (and connective tissue layer) is nourished and supported with the right ingredients and oils each step of the way:

20 - 30 Iris Hydrating Facial Care - regulates and preserves moisture balance
30 - 40 Wild Rose Smoothing Facial Care - reduce first lines
40 - 55 Pomegranate Firming Facial Care - active regeneration
55 + Evening Primrose Age Revitalising Facial Care - firming and revitalising


Healthy, clear skin also needs help from the inside.  Vitamins to make sure you are getting in your diet are vitamin A, B & C and minerals to include are calcium, iron, iodine and silicone.  

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