Beauty Babes Pack

Beauty Babes Pack

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Includes Skin Food and Everon Lip Balm.

Skin Food is an absolute essential in your skin care routine.  A deeply nourishing and intensely hydrating whole-body cream that restores and protects your skin. This celebrity favourite is 100% natural and includes extracts of organic chamomile, calendula and wild pansy to soothe rough skin along with revitalising rosemary to boost dull complexions.

Can be used as:

  • makeup primer under mineral powder
  • face mask for dehydrated skin
  • protective balm around lips and nose in cold weather
  • under-the-eye cream to reduce puffiness
  • barrier cream when fake tanning
  • hand, nail and cuticle conditioner
  • split end treatment

Everon Lip Balm protects and moisturises lips, carefully formulated to protect the lips from drying, cracking and chapping.

This simply beautiful product is scented with delicate musk rose. It not only protects the lips as a barrier, but also soothes after exposure to sun and wind. The natural waxes give a sun protection factor 4 without the use of synthetic UV filters.