Calm & Clear Essence Skin Mist 50ml

Calm & Clear Essence Skin Mist 50ml

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A crisp organic mist formulation to clarify, cleanse, rehydrate, tone and nurture your skin with profoundly skin balancing and soothing botanicals and Australian Bush Flower Essences. Its exotic oils and essences will soothe and clarify your skin and rejuvenate your skin’s appearance. 

An excellent accompaniment to Calm & Clear Essence Moisturiser.

Mist into the air to create a soothing energy so you can focus on the positive aspects of self, body, mind and soul. An essential personal care strategy to keep you in the moment.

  • To soothe and nurture skin
  • To encourage clear and toned skin
  • To soothe and balance your skin before applying your Daily Essence Moisturiser
  • Toning and rehydrating for the skin